The office

Georgios Perivolaris is a graduate of Robert Schuman University (CEIPI), seated in Strasbourg, where he concluded postgraduate studies on industrial property and competition law. He studied law in the Law School of Aristoteleion University of Thessaloniki, has graduated from A.C. Anatolia and has worked for the legal department of the Industrial Property Organization, which is the competent authority for patents, utility models, industrial designs and models in Greece.

Georgios Perivolaris’  law office has a tax expert as a scientific collaborator  and has external cooperation with a labor-law lawyer and an accountant.

In contrast to the outdated notion of specialization based on the administrative structure of law in criminal, civil, commercial, etc. the specialty of the office is the corporation. Modern corporations face problems related not only to commercial but also to civil, labor, criminal, tax and administrative law. Solving these problems requires the knowledge and use of the legal provisions, from each branch of the law, that are needed by modern companies, as well as an economic approach to law.

The philosophy, therefore, of the office sets at its heart modern business. Starting from its needs and problems, we search in all branches of law for the most beneficial solutions, in order to succeed the target which is the fast, but sustainable, growth of companies.

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